Bridge Treatment

Dental Bridge Treatment

Even though you have a dental bridge, you need to repair or replace it after some time. A dental bridge is an appliance placed in your mouth if you have one or two missing teeth. Healthy teeth anchor the false teeth on either side. If your bridge is broken or your dentist noted a problem while conducting a routine checkup, you may have a dental bridge repair.
What causes dental bridge failure?

Typically, dental bridges are either made of porcelain or ceramics. In the case of poor oral care, harmful bacteria can ender under the bridge, thus affecting the healthy teeth. Tooth decay can cause a fracture, thus prompting an emergency treatment. If the dental bridge does not have a structural problem, it can be changed or repaired if it does not fit in your mouth well or if the color has faded.

When do dental bridges need fixing?

Even though dental bridges are useful if you are missing some teeth, it is not a permanent solution. Recent studies show that dental bridges can last for five to seven years (or even up to 35 years) in some cases. However, since the healthy teeth supporting the dental bridge is not visible, tooth decay signs are not visible. Ergo, you can determine when your dental bridges need fixing when your gums or teeth become sensitive. In some cases, you may feel pieces of porcelain in your mouth or notice a crack in one of your teeth. If you see a crack, feel pieces of porcelain in your mouth, or experience sensitivity, consult your dentist. Emergency dental care is required when you have any of the two signs. A 24-hour dentist is a perfect choice because you can make an appointment at your convenience.

Dental Bridge Repair

Usually, the cause of failure determined how a dental bridge will be repaired. For instance, if the teeth supporting the bridge (abutment teeth) have a problem, the dentist will remove the bridge, examine the problem and then repair or replace the dental bridge. If the abutment teeth are healthy, dental bridge replacement is done. However, if the abutment teeth cannot support the bridge, new teeth implants are used to anchor the dental bridge.

On the other hand, if the porcelain or ceramic coating is fractured or chipped, but the bridge is not damaged, the dentist can repair the coating. The cause and extent of failure can determine the process and how dental bridge repair is carried out.

How to care for a new bridge

Whether you repair or get a new dental bridge, good oral care increases its lifespan. You are required to brush twice a day using a recommended toothpaste to prevent plaque buildup, cavities, and tooth decay. Additionally, your dentist can recommend a flossing tool to clean the gap between the gum and false teeth.

Finally, if you suspect your dental bridge needs a replacement or repair, do not hesitate to contact an emergency dentist. Besides repairing or replacing your bridge, a reputable dentist will provide professional opinion and advice. If you do not have any leads, consider searching ‘emergency dentists near me,’ and you will have numerous options. Remember, check their licensing, certification, level of experience, and read reviews from previous clients to make the right choice.

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