Family Dentistry In Your Area

Family Dentist vs General Dentistry

You should be asking yourself by now if all dentists are the same. The answer to that is not really. They are quite different even though they all receive the same education and complete at the same time. In this article, we are going to look at the differences between family and general dentist. Even though their main aim is taking care of our teeth, family dentistry is where oral health is practiced at all stages of life. A family dentist specializes in more specified techniques like; bridges and crowns, sealants, tooth replacement, and in a broader range of dental services extending from dental filling and cleaning.
Family Dentist

Family dentistry cares for our oral health in all stages of life. The same practice cares for Your children’s teeth from their early stages through their adulthood. Thus, they won’t have to switch dentists as they age. This also an advantage as you and your children can visit one dentist. Other services that family dentistry can handle include; fluoride cleaning, periodontal disease treatment and prevention, preventive dentistry, and routine cleaning.

On the other hand, we have a general dentist who has specialized in all areas of dentistry. General dentistry does treat and provide dental care to the patient at all stages. He also has the responsibility of handling, identifying, and managing services that meet your oral health needs. The general dentist does provide services like; dental implant, dentures, oral surgery, tooth cleaning, mouth guards, and gum disease treatment. We do not forget orthodontics, sealants, and root canal therapy.

A general dentist does perform his services like preventive maintenance as they help prevent tooth, gum, mouth, and tongue diseases. These services include routine exams and cleaning of the teeth. There are other services that they provide in case preventive measures aren’t enough. This is the restorative dental care, which does mend the damages that are caused by trauma, diseases in the mouth, and tooth decay. is the place to find the best dental professional if you have chipped or cracked tooth, abscess, tooth ache, emergency oral surgery, orthodontist or any type of mouth pain or teeth problems. We have the ultimate emergency dental clinics that can provide services you need day or night. Let one of our local dental providers take care of your teeth.
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