Surgical Extractions

Emergency Surgical Extractions

Everyone wants to have healthy, strong, and lifetime teeth. This, at times, doesn’t go as expected, and you get dental injuries and even tooth decay. At times it may need you to visit a dentist to repair the teeth with fillings if it’s not severe. This is not always the option as you may need an emergency surgical extraction. An emergency surgical extraction is when an emergency dentist removes your teeth due to crowding, disease, or trauma.
1. Trauma to the teeth

Having a traumatic injury is one reason you may need an emergency dental extraction. This depends on the kind of damage you have, its severity, and location. You will need to look for an emergency dentist near me when such an injury occurs, to take an x-ray of the injured area. When the affected area doesn’t have any other treatment option, an emergency extraction will be what to be undertaken.

2. Dental abscess

This is an infection that is quite painful that occurs around the tooth that causes congestion of pus in the area. It can occur for a number of reasons, and it doesn’t go away on its own. When your teeth become more infected, then opt for extraction.

3. Severe dental caries

Also known as dental cavities, it may be painful if your nerves get exposed your 24 hour dentist will need to perform a root canal to see whether soft tissues inside your teeth are infected or inflamed. If it has a severe infection that cannot be treated, then an extraction will be required.

Having known reasons why you may need an emergency surgical extraction. We have two types of emergency surgical extraction, which is; simple extraction and surgical extraction. Before any removal, the dentist is going to prepare a dental tray with sterilized tools for the procedure. These tools include; syringe, mirror, cotton rolls, gauze anesthetic, surgical curette, and forceps. After having either of the extraction, it is evident that you may experience pain, and your gums may bleed before you are completely healed. Be fair enough by getting to apply ice from the outside of your mouth to ease your pain and help in your healing process. is the place to find the best dental professional if you have chipped or cracked tooth, abscess, tooth ache, emergency oral surgery, orthodontist or any type of mouth pain or teeth problems. We have the ultimate emergency dental clinics that can provide services you need day or night. Let one of our local dental providers take care of your teeth.
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