Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extractions

They can cause a dental emergency

If you are not sure which teeth are known as your wisdom teeth, they are the third set of molar that come into your mouth during your growing up stage in life. These teeth are the last to make an appearance and usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 21, sometimes up to age 25.

There has been some debate over removing these teeth but if they come into your mouth and do not cause you any pain or harm then it is safe to leave them in. But if they come in at awkward angles, cause pain, and so on, then they should be removed.
That is the gamble when it comes with teeth. You never know if they are going to erupt normally or if they will come in as impacted teeth. These condition causes bleeding in the gums, pain, swelling and other not so pleasant issues.

If your wisdom teeth come in impacted, then you should see an oral surgeon and talk to him or her about what needs to be done. Sometimes the bad teeth can simply be pulled. If not then you will need to endure oral surgery

How the process works

When you feel pain, see some blood in your gum area or feel like they are swelling, you should see a dentist first. He or she will see the seriousness of your case and may recommend a good emergency dentist near you to visit.

Once you are at the surgeon’s office, you will need to undergo x-rays to see how serious your case is. After the X-rays are developed the oral surgeon will go over them with you explaining the seriousness of your problem and let you decide between pulling or surgery.

The oral surgeon will also ask if you prefer local or general anesthesia, the later is the better option to use as you are totally relaxed and shouldn’t feel a thing.

The removal process

This is a depends process. The removal process depends on what the roots have done, the formation of your wisdom teeth and other factors. One of the more painful situations is when the roots have managed to wrap themselves around the bone. Their removal will be quite painful and time consuming.

But once the removal process is over, you should not experience any swelling, or bleeding although you will feel some pain. When you have your wisdom teeth removed, you should have someone there to help drive you home.

After the dental surgery

Right after you wake up from the anesthesia the emergency dentist will go over all the information you need to follow to ensure proper healing. It is most likely that you will need someone with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.

Also, you won’t be able to eat certain foods for the first 48 hours. But after that time period you should see an improvement to your health and mouth.

Emergency dentist near me

Whether you are looking for an emergency dentist, a 24 hour dentist or even a regular dentist when you have wisdom teeth issues, you can always find them in a local search on your computer.

Or just ask your regular dentist who they think is the best. No matter how you find one, you should be fine as you go through the whole process.
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