February 12, 2022

Types of dental root fractures

There are layers inside the tooth that many people are unaware of. The dentin lies under the enamel. The dental pulp is found in the dentin, which is the second layer of the tooth. The nerves and blood vessels are found in the dental pulp, which is located in the middle of the tooth. Some tooth trauma that affects the location of these layers or enters the dental pulp can cause severe pain to the patient.

A deep tooth fracture will jeopardize the whole tooth as well as the protection of the adjacent teeth. Plaque can be able to penetrate the layers of the tooth and develop an infection as a result of the fracturing. We’ll go through many different forms of tooth fractures in this post.

Oblique supragingival fracture

A break in the upper portion of the tooth that is behind the gum line is known as an oblique supragingival fracture. This form of fracture does not cause acute discomfort, but if left untreated, it may lead to infection or pain in the future.

Oblique subgingival fracture

An oblique subgingival fracture is one that occupies a larger portion of the tooth and can also extend down the root to the jawbone under the gum line. This form of fracture can cause excruciating pain and make even basic activities painful, such as chewing, speaking, or even sitting still.

Oblique root fracture

An oblique root fracture is a type of tooth fracture that occurs under the gum line and can stretch all the way through the jaw. This fracture, unlike most mild fractures, will be exceedingly painful and will necessitate specialist endodontic care.

Vertical furcation fracture

The tooth splits and becomes two or three roots in a vertical furcation fracture. The patient will experience discomfort as a result of the injury, and will be unable to properly use the tooth for simple functions.

Vertical apical root fracture

A vertical apical root fracture occurs where the tooth and root are fractured straight down the center. This form of fracture can be debilitating and necessitates medical attention.

Vertical root fracture

A vertical root fracture occurs when a portion of the tooth root breaks off. Brittle roots caused by nerve death in the tooth or a wrong root canal are the common causes.

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